Eupatorium perfoliatum is a perennial herbaceous shrub that forms clumps of small white blooms in late fall and summer. The Eupatorium genus belongs to the Compositae family in the primary group of flowering plants (angiosperms).

Eupatorium Flowers

The Eupatorium genus includes around 45 species of flowering plants[1]. Eupatorium, commonly referred to as boneset, is native to Missouri and typically reaches a height of between 1 and 5 feet.

Eupatorium Flowering Plant

The leaves are a maximum of 2 inches wide and 8 inches long and are uniquely arranged. They face each other and are connected at the base to look like a leaf with the stalk in the center.

Late summer to fall, flat clusters (compound umbels) of small, downy white flowers appear on the foliage. The perfoliate foliage is very remarkable: the bases of the crumpled, opposite, lanceolate, medium green foliage come together and enclose the hairy stems.

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