Delphinium is a famous ornamental plant that adds height and a pop of color to commercial and home gardens. While these plants can sometimes be challenging due to care requirements, they remain popular with many growers thanks to their showy panicles.

Delphinium Flowers

Delphinium is the generic name for about 300 flowering perennials[1] in the Buttercup or Ranunculaceae family. Also referred to as Larkspurs, delphinium is native to all the high mountain regions of the Northern Hemisphere of Africa.

Delphinium Flowers

Delphinium varieties are widely cultivated due to their large flower tips and vary in size from 10 cm to over 1.80 m. Each plant ends in a cluster with many flowers. The leaves of this plant are deeply divided, with 3 to 7 palm-shaped lobes.

Larkspurs Flowers

A delphinium flower has 5 sepals. The four actual petals of the plant are right in the pouch. Usually, its flowers come in gorgeous shades of blue and purple. Still, other cultivars showcase more yellow, red, white, or pink.

Pale Pink Delphinium Flowers

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