Cyclamen Flowers

The Cyclamen genus includes about 23 species[1] of perennial plants in the Primulaceae family. Cyclamen species are endemic to the Mediterranean region and Europe.

Cyclamen Flowers

Cyclamen are loved for their showy flowers, raised petals, and leaves with different patterns. The flowers of the species are white, lavenderwhite, or rose pink. Flowering Cyclamen are frost-sensitive hybrids from C. persicum.

C Persicum Flowers

They have dark green, basal tufts of leaves with long stems often colored with silvery spots or stripes. The solitary flowers with reflexed and twisted bloom on leafless stalks rise 6 to 9 inches tall from winter through spring.

Cyclamen Flowering Plants

Unlike the flowering cyclamen, the other cyclamen species are made up of several different plant species that are generally smaller (2 to 5″ tall) and have better winter resilience.

Cyclamen Flowers

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Cyclamen Genus

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