Commonly referred to as a butterfly bush, Buddleia davidii is a deciduous shrub native to forest clearings, limestone outcrops, mountain slopes, and Rocky River banks in America, Africa, and Asia.

Buddleia Flowers

Buddleia (orth. Var. Buddleja) is a genus with over 140 flowering plant species[1] in the Scrophulariaceae (figwort) family.

Buddleia Davidii

Usually, it grows up to 6-12 feet (less commonly up to 15 feet) tall. It is characterized by its bushy growth, arched stems, fragrant/ showy flowers, and vigorous growth.

Butterfly Bush Flowers

Axillary and terminal spike-shaped flower clusters bloom from early summer to late summer, sometimes until the first frost.

White Buddleia Flowers

The flowers are tightly packed in remarkable cone-shaped panicles 6 to 18″ in length. In nature, the flowers of the erect species are lavender to purple with an orange-yellow throat.

Many named varieties have been introduced over the years, expanding the flower range colors to include pink, yellow, white, and red.

The flowers (each up to ½ inch long) are lightly scented and, as their common name (butterfly bush) suggests, very captivating to butterflies.

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Bell-shaped Flowers

Bell-Shaped Flowers

The bell-shaped flowers are trendy because they are known for their beauty, colors, and variations. Featuring green, blue, purple, white, pink, and many colors, these bell-resembling flowers are used for many purposes such as decoration, using it in weddings, making wreaths, and lovely gifts.

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