Aloe succotrina

Aloe succotrina grows high on the cliffs and ledges of the mountains of the Western Cape and southwestern South Africa. It’s an attractive aloe that thrives in Strandveld and Fynbos gardens.

Turkish Aloe

These flowering plants are succulent shrubs that can grow up to 1.5 meters high but is typically only 1 meter high. Aloe succotrina is one of more than 100 species[1] of aloe on the IUCN Red List.

Mocha Aloe

The stiff leaves of this plant form dense rosettes and are dull gray-green with isolated spots. They have white, solid, triangular teeth on the edge that get smaller towards the leaf base.

The purple color of the leaves is among the characteristics of Aloe succotrina that makes it possible to distinguish between species with a similar appearance. The tubular flowers, dark orange-red in color, are around 40mm long and have green tips.

Mountain Aloe

Aloe socotrine is also known as Mountain Aloe, Mocha Aloe, Zanzibar Aloe, Turkish Aloe, and Bombay Aloe.

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