Acacia Flowers

Acacia flowers are one of the most incredible treats of Australia, eye-opening and sensual as they bathe the savannah in color. Commonly known as Embers, Wattles, Wattleseed, and Pigface, the tree and flower have spread widely. With over 1,300 varieties and species[1] worldwide, around 1,000 of them are native to Australia.

Acacia Flowers

However, the acacia plant is also found in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North and South America. The leaves of this plant are always in various shades of green in nature: either green with a blue tint or blue with a hint of green.

Acacias have fragrant flowers with numerous long stamens, all of which are responsible for the hairy appearance of the flowers.

Wattle Blooms

Acacia flowers consist of five petals. They are usually white or yellow, rarely red or purple. The flowers come together and form narrow globular stars at the end of the branches. Acacia typically grows to a height of around 40 feet.

Acacia Tree Flowers

Other species of acacia can reach 70 feet tall and 3 feet in diameter. The golden and pale-yellow acacia flower has captivated the hearts of lovers. For Victorians, the flower symbolized a secret love. Giving this flower to someone else also signified a deep friendship.

Sighting an acacia in full bloom is simply spectacular, as it is a colorful explosion in the countryside, bringing news of abundance and prosperity as the rain falls.

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