Veronica Flowers

Veronica, also known as Speedwell, is an easy-to-grow, carefree perennial with long spikes of tiny white, pink, blue, or purple petals.

Veronica Flowers

With around 500 species[1], Veronica is the largest genus in the Plantaginaceae family of flowering plants. The precise origin of this plant cannot be exactly determined.

Gypsyweed Flowers

However, what is certain is that the origin of the plant is between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Common names are gypsyweed and bird’s eye.

Veronica Flowers

Speedwell is a typical perennial and herbaceous plant. It reaches growth heights of up to 12 inches (30 cm) but is usually much smaller at around 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm).

Veronica Speedwell

Speedwell produces greenish-gray to nearly silver-colored leaves that are relatively broad and remarkably hairy. Its shape can be described as ovoid to elliptical, with slightly serrated leaf margins.

The peak of the Speedwell is generally expected between early July and mid-September. The plant then produces its beautiful light blue, purple, or rarely white flowers. The flowers are arranged in clusters and are usually only found in the upper third. Each blossom comprises 4 sepals, each with a smooth edge.

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