Sanvitalia Flowers

Sanvitalia procumbens is a cheery Mexican annual with blossoms like miniature zinnias. It is an ideal choice for containers and hanging baskets.

Sanvitalia Flowers

Its soft bristle stems spread quickly and slope down, creating a solid carpet of shiny foliage dotted with flowers all summer. It is also perfect as an edging for flower beds and sunny paths. Sanvitalia procumbens, commonly known as Mexican creeping zinnia, is a species[1] of the Sanvitalia genus and a member of the Asteraceae (sunflower) family.

Mexican Creeping Zinnia

Sanvitalia procumbens is a carpet-forming annual that usually grows up to 6-inches tall. It has a frosty summer bloom of a miniature sunflower in ¾ inches diameter with yellow to orangeyellow stripes and dark purple-brown central discs.

Sanvitalia Flowers

Varieties come as double and single flowers. The creeping stalks are lined with ovate, medium-green leaves (up to 2-inches long), hence the common name.

Sanvitalia Procumbens

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