Phalaenopsis is a genus of approximately 45 species[1] of primarily epiphytic orchids native to Southeast Asia, southern China, and India.


Commonly known as moth orchids, these are popular houseplants that, with proper care, will repeatedly bloom once a year (sometimes more) and will last for 4 months or more.

Moth Orchids

Mostly, they are epiphytes (they grow on the branches and trunks of trees without taking in or feeding on water), but sometimes are lithophytes (they grow on rocks that feed on the atmosphere). Phalaenopsis have a monopodial growing habit and have no pseudobulbs.

Pale Pink Phalaenopsis Flowers

The conspicuous, flattened blooms (each 3 to 6 inches wide) appear in long sprays on arched stems in various colors, including pinkish-purple, yellow, cream, pale yellow, and white. Plants of some cultivars grow up to 3 feet tall during flowering.

Pink Phalaenopsis Flowers

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Yellow Phalaenopsis Flowers

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