If you like the effect of a coniferous plant and a deciduous tree’s bright color, you can have both with the Larch tree (Larix spp.).

Larch Flower

These conifers resemble evergreen trees in spring and summer. Still, in autumn, the needles change to golden yellow and fall to the ground.

Coniferous Larch Flowers

Native to several parts of Asia, northern Europe, and northern North America, larch trees are happiest in colder climates.

Larch Pine Flower

Larches are deciduous, coniferous trees of the genus Larix in the Pinaceae (Pine) family. There are around 11 species[1] in the Larix genus.

Larix Genus Flowers

Larches are large trees with short cones and needles. In summer, the needle-shaped leaves are generally light green, often blue-green, and turn from buttery yellow in fall.

Pink Larch Flower

The needles are just 2.5 cm long and grow in small groups along the stems. Each group has 30-40 needles. Nestled between the needles, you’ll find pink flowers that will eventually turn into cones.

The cones start out yellow or red and turn brown as they ripen. They grow best in mountain areas but can withstand any cool climate with high humidity.

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