Laburnum is a deciduous plant that belongs to the Fabaceae (pea) family. There are 2 species of laburnum[1] that are indigenous to southern and central Europe.

Laburnum Flowers

The species include common Laburnum – Laburnum anagyroides and alpine Laburnum – Laburnum alpinum. Laburnum is a genus of large shrubs or small deciduous trees with low branches.

Laburnum Anagyroides

It usually grows to 15-25 feet tall. It’s perhaps best known for its lush and showy spring blooms, with yellow flowers in dense, drooping, wisteria-like clusters (up to 4-8 inches long. )

Laburnum Flowering Tree

The trifoliate leaves with obovate to elliptic-lanceolate leaflets (up to 3-inch long each) are dull green to greenish-gray with hairiness on the underside.

Yellow Laburnum Flowers

All parts of the Laburnum plant, especially the seeds, are pretty poisonous (cytisine).

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