Hogbean (Hyoscyamus niger), also known as stinking nightshade, henbane, or black henbane, is a highly poisonous plant from the Solanaceae (nightshade) family.

Hogbean Flowers

It is native to and naturalized throughout much of the world. The generic name of this Eurasia native is derived from the words “hog” and “bean“.

Cream Hogbean Flowers

Thus, it refers to the seed’s high toxicity for pigs. The Hyoscyamus genus consists of approximately 20 species[1]. Hogbean plants have branching taproots and large leaves that alternate with irregular lobes.

Hogbean Flowers

The leaves and stems are covered with glandular hairs (trichomes), and the entire plant has a strong foul odor. The conspicuous funnel-shaped flowers have 5 cream to dark yellow petals with dark centers and purple veins.

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