Sinningia speciosa, commonly known as gloxinia, comes from Brazil and belongs to the Gesneriaceae family. Gloxinia is a genus that contains 3 species[1] of tropical rhizomatous herbaceous plants. These small, fast-growing plants have large, velvety foliage somewhat evocative of African violets.

Gloxinia Flowers

It has large, trumpet-shaped flowers (up to 4 inches wide), white, red, purple, or lavender. The leaves are velvety, ovoid to oblong in a rosette.

Gloxinia Flowers

Hybrids commonly sold under the name of this species are commonly called florist’s gloxinia.

Purple Gloxinia Flower

These hybrids have larger flowers in a slightly wider color palette that includes a variety of pastel colors. Gloxinia is a well-known flowering plant often sold in flowerpots by florists, gardeners, and grocery stores.

Sinningia Speciosa

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