Dog Rose

Dog rose (Rosa canina) is a species of wild rose[1] that belongs to the Rosaceae family. The Dog rose name is not intended to reduce its size or compare it to standard garden roses.

Dog Rose Flowers

Instead, the name is derived from ancient and classical times when it was believed that Dog rose root could heal a bite from a mad dog. It is common in forests, meadows, and gardens in West Asia, Northwest Africa, and Europe.

Dog Briar

The flowers range from white-pink to deep pink and pale pink. It has mainly five petals, and the stem is dotted with small pointed thorns. Dog rose’s other common names are dog briar, briar rose, witch’s briar, and dogberry.

Dog Rose Flower

Dog rose has thick green climbing stems that are covered with hooked spines and prickles. The thorns on the stems allow it to adhere to other surfaces, such as trees, and climb upward as it grows.

Pink Dog Rose Flowers

Dog rose leaves typically grow in a pinnate structure with 5 to 7 leaflets on each side of the stem. They are wide, elongated, and may also have slightly serrated edges. When fully developed, a wild dog rose usually reaches a height of between 1 and 5 meters.

Rosa Canina

The flowers can range from deep pink to white with all shades in between. Each dog rose hip flower has 5 petals with a mild and sweet scent reminiscent of most types of roses.

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