Cymbidium Flower

Cymbidium, commonly called boat orchid, is a genus of about 70 species[1] of tropical and subtropical orchids in the Orchidaceae (orchid) family.

Cymbidium Flowers

The genus is mainly found in Asia, although some species are endemic to northern Australia. Orchids of the Cymbidium genus are terrestrial, lithophytic, epiphytic, or, rarely, leafless saprophytic herbaceous plants, mostly with pseudobulbs.

Boat Orchid

Generally, between 3 and 12 leaves are arranged in two rows on each shoot or pseudobulb and last several years. Many flowers are arranged on an unbranched stalk that arises from the pseudobulb’s base. The petals and sepals are all free and similar to one another.

Pink Cymbidium Flowers

Cymbidium orchids are available in colors including green, cream, yellow, burgundy, red, brown, apricot, orange, pink, and white.

Rose Cymbidium Flower

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Yellow Cymbidium Flowers

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