Crocus Flower

Crocus (plural: Croci or Crocuses) is a genus of plants in the Iridaceae (Iris) family that includes 90 species[1] of perennial plants.

Crocus Flowers

Many are grown for their flowers, which appear in spring, fall, or winter. Crocuses are endemic to the meadows, scrubland, and woodland from the alpine tundra to sea level in the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, Southern, and Central Europe, particularly on the Aegean islands of Krokos, Greece.


The solitary, salverform, cup-shaped flower narrows into a slender tube. The colors of Crocus vary widely, with white, yellow, mauve, and lilac predominating.


The EnsiformWhat is Ensiform?Sword-shaped., grassy leaf usually has a central white band along the leaf axis. It has an entire leaf margin.

Crocuses Flowers

Lilac Crocus Flower

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