Big Flax

When people think of Big Flax, they generally do not think of it as a flower; they see it more as a seed. However, the Big Flaxseed has to emanate from something. In fact, it’s a flower and is found in Belarus, where it’s the national flower and is also popular across Ireland.

Big Flax Flower

Big Flax belongs to the Linaceae family, and there are around 200 species[1] in the genus Linum. It grows between 3 and 4 feet tall and has long leaves. From the first moments of the life of the flax flower, it seems like a spear.

Blue Big Flax Flower

When opened in full bloom, it looks more like a cup. Flax petals are typically blue, but they can be bright red as well. These flowers have 5 petals, 15 mm to 25 mm.

Red Flax Flower

Big Flax made a name for itself as a household symbol during the Victorian era. This is possibly related to the idea that flax seeds should be spun to make yarn for clothing.

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