Clarkia amoena, also known as the satin flower, is native to western North America from central California to British Columbia. Clarkia wildflowers (Clarkia spp. ) derive their name from William Clark of the Clark and Lewis Expedition.

Clarkia Flowers

Clarkia is a genus of plants in the Onagraceae family. More than 40 species[1] are currently recognized in this genus. It’s a popular annual in cool climates cultivated in borders and flower beds for its satin-finished, cup-shaped blooms.

Clarkia Flowers

The flowers usually bloom from late spring to early or mid-summer. The plants grow up to 30-inches tall on upright to lax stalks that are edged with lanceolate leaves (up to 2.5-inches long).

Clarkia Unguiculata Flowers

The four-petalled flowers (2 to 3-inches in diameter) are red, pink, or lavender, sometimes with a spot or blotch at each petal’s base.

Pink Clarkia Flowers

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