The great diversity of Celosia in tropical Africa indicates an origin in this region. Celosia includes around 50 species[1]. Few flowers are as showy as Celosia. Whether you plant the feathered variety with its distinctive vertical spires or the hooded variety with its fascinating twisted shape, you will love Celosia in floral arrangements.

Celosia Flowers

Celosia argentea, also known as silver cockscomb, quail grass, or cockscomb, is an upright, short-lived annual tropical plant that can grow up to 1 m in height.

Bright Red Celosia Flowers

The leaves are alternate and simple. The blades are linear to lanceolate. The margins are bothered by short, translucent teeth. Both sides are hairless. The leaves are 10-15 mm wide and 6-12 cm long. The faces are characterized by 3-6 lateral ribs.

Celosia Argentea

At the leaf’s base, two linear pieces of leaf develop along the stem and resemble stipules. They are the first 2 leaves of the more or less developed axillary branches.

Celosia Flowers

The blooms are arranged in thick terminal spikes on the main branches and on the primary axis of the plant. Celosia is characterized by its purple or bright red flowers.

Cockscomb Flower

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