Calibrachoa Flower

Calibrachoa is sometimes seen adorning cascading planters or hanging baskets and other containers, a hardy, and delicate flower. It’s not the most popular choice in terms of formal arrangements and bouquets.

Calibrachoa Flower

Still, when presented as a potted plant, Calibrachoa is a flower with deep symbolism for its recipient. Calibrachoa is a genus of flowers from the family of Solanaceae native to South America.

Lavender Calibrachoa Flowers

Molecular evidence[1] has resulted in reclassifying some earlier petunia species to the closely related genus Calibrachoa, known for the ornamental plant known as “Million Bells“.

Yellow Calibrachoa Flowers

The leaves are sessile (i.e., without a stem or petiole) and are often oval with smooth edges; some have sticky and fine hair. the flowers are cone-shaped and consist of 5 fused or partially fused petals and 5 green sepals.

The myriad of horticultural varieties is divided into 2 general types: the compact, upright growing species that grow 6 to 10 inches (15 to 25 cm) in size and are suitable for garden beds. The long-stemmed sprawling Calibrachoa can grow up to about 18 inches (46 cm).

The flowers vary from dark red or purple to pure white and are sometimes striped or speckled in contrasting colors. There are varieties with single and double flowers.

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