The star-shaped flowers of Boronia plants have long enchanted bushwalkers in different parts of Australia, from the east coast to the west coast. Add to this the cut flower qualities and delicate floral scents of species like Boronia megastigma (Brown Boronia), and you have a group of plants that deserve the gardener’s attention.

Boronia Flowers

Grinding the foliage usually releases an odor that can range from delicious to unpleasant, depending on the family member you are examining. The Boronia genus includes around 160 species[1] of flowering plants in the Rutaceae (citrus) family. Most are native to Australia, with a few species occurring in New Caledonia.

Boronia Flowers

Plants in the Boronia genus are almost always shrubs, although some species appear as small trees or herbs. Usually, the leaves are arranged in opposing pairs.

Boronia Megastigma

They can be single leaves or compound leaves of up to 19 leaflets in a bi-pinnate or pinnate arrangement. The blooms are arranged in clusters in the stipules or at the ends of the branches and have female and male parts.

Pale Pink Boronia Flowers

There are generally 4 separate sepals, 4 separate petals, and 8 stamens. Flowers are available in yellow, pink, and brown.

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