Black Bryony

Black Bryony

A climbing plant of woodlands and hedgerows, Black Bryony produces bright red fruit in fall and greenish flowers in Summer. Black Bryony is also known as Norça, Lady’s-Seal, and Black bindweed.

Black Bryony

Bryony is a species in the yam family Dioscoreaceae[1] and is native to South Africa, central and southern Europe, western and northwestern Asia, from the Canary Islands to Ireland, Crimea, and east of Iran.

Black Bryony Flower

Black Bryony is a climbing plant that reaches around 2 to 4 meters in height. The flowers have a bell-shaped perimeter and are small, greenish-yellow in color, and regular.

The male flowers are typically branched at the base, solitary or grouped in slender racemes, with six stamens embedded in the base of the segments of the floral envelope.

The female flowers are usually in shorter and curved racemes, have few flowers, an inflorescence attached to the ovary, and short stamens without function.

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