December Birth Flowers

December Birth Flowers

Are you wondering about the special flower for those born in December? Look no further. This article reveals that December has two birth flowers: Holly Flowers and Narcissus Flowers (Paperwhite), each with unique symbolism.

Our guide will unravel these beautiful blooms, delve into their rich history, significance, and how they can be used to celebrate your loved ones with a December birthday. Are you ready to discover more about these winter gems?

The Meaning and Symbolism of December Birth Flowers

In December, the Birth Flowers are Holly and Narcissus, each carrying powerful symbols. Holly represents goodwill and protection[1], while Narcissus symbolizes hope and rebirth[2].

Holly: Symbol of Goodwill and Protection

Holly Symbol Of Goodwill and Protection

Holly stands for goodwill and safety. People in Celtic stories saw Holly as a guard against bad things. It has sharp leaves that show strength and help to keep it safe from harm. The fact that it does not get struck by lightning adds more to its power.

Holly is tied to old stories from the Norse and Celtic people, making it special. Every December, we use Holly to make our homes look pretty for Christmas.

Narcissus: Symbol of Hope and Rebirth

Narcissus Symbol Of Hope and Rebirth

Narcissus plants shine bright in December. They are the month’s official birth flower. These flowers stand for pure thoughts and innocence. Also known as daffodils or jonquils, they bring forth modesty and faithfulness.

But there is more to Narcissus than just respect and prosperity. This bold bloom stands tall as a sign of hope, rebirth, and renewal. The strong stems hold up delicate petals that look like rays of sunshine on gloomy winter days.

Every time you see this flower pushing through cold soil into the sunlight, you witness growth and a fresh start!

The Significance and History of December Birth Flowers

Significance and History Of December Birth Flowers

Highlighting the historical prominence of December’s birth flowers, Holly and Narcissus have roots in ancient Greek and Roman mythology[3]. Interestingly, Christian traditions regard Holly[4] as symbolizing Christ’s crown of thorns, while Narcissus signifies renewal aligned perfectly with Christmas sentiments.

Incorporating these flowers into holiday customs boosts their significance each winter season.

Ancient Greek and Roman Associations

Holly and Narcissus have deep roots in old Greek and Roman times. The Greeks loved the Narcissus flower. They saw it as a sign of spring’s return. The Romans used Holly in their winter festival Saturnalia, to honor Saturn, their god of farming.

These plants were not just pretty to look at for them. Their meanings carried weight all year round, too! Holly stood for renewal and light in Celtic and pagan ways. In many stories of ancient cultures, the Holy King was a central figure who wore the plant proudly on his crown.

Christian Symbolism

In the Christian faith, Holly and Narcissus have rich meanings. Holly stands for peace and happiness in our homes during the holiday season. Its use at Christmas ties to Jesus’ birth story.

On the other hand, Narcissus is a sign of hope, a new start, and life’s renewal. This tracks with many biblical messages about rebirth and hope for all people. So, in December, Christians see these flowers as important signs of their beliefs.

That makes them key in celebrations around this time, too!

Holiday Traditions

Families and friends cherish the holiday traditions. In many of these joyous times, they use Holly and Narcissus, the December birth flowers. The bright red berries of holly light up homes and hearts.

This gift from nature signposts warmth during cold winter days.

Narcissus is also a big part of holiday customs. It pops up everywhere in winter celebrations due to its pure white color perfectly matching snow. Many folks plant this flower as a part of their Christmas setup at home!

Characteristics and Varieties of Holly Plants

American Holly

Holly plants are characterized by their glossy, spine-edged leaves and brightly colored berries.

Different Types of Holly Plants

Holly plants come in many shapes and sizes. They are deep green in color with shiny leaves. Here are some different types of holly plants:

  • American Holly: This is a tree-type holly. It has sharp, pointy leaves and red berries.
  • English Holly: This kind of holly plant comes from Europe. It is small, like a bush with glossy leaves.
  • Chinese Holly: Chinese holly grows in Asia. The leaves are big and shiny.
  • Japanese Holly: Unlike other hollies, this plant makes blackberries instead of red ones.
  • Winterberry Holly: Unlike the others, this one loses its leaves for winter.
  • Yaupon Holly: This holly plant makes many berries for birds to eat.

Growing and Caring for Holly Plants

Holly plants add charm to any garden. Here’s how you can grow and care for them:

  • Choose the right type: There are evergreen holly plants and deciduous ones. Pick what suits your taste and climate.
  • Find a suitable spot: Holly plants need full sun or part shade. They also like well-drained soil.
  • Plant in spring or fall: This gives the holly plant enough time to set roots before winter.
  • Water regularly: These plants love water but avoid water-logged soil.
  • Look out for pests: Holly leaf miners and spider mites can harm your plant.
  • Feed with compost: Apply compost around the base of the plant each spring.
  • Prune in winter: Trim back dead branches to keep your plant healthy.
  • Watch for flowers: The greenish, small flowers usually have four petals.
  • Wait for berries to sprout: Red berries are common on holly plants in winter.

Characteristics and Varieties of Narcissus Flowers

Characteristics and Varieties Of Narcissus Flowers

The Narcissus flower, also known as Paperwhites, showcases an array of varieties, each with its unique characteristics. These vibrant perennials are mostly found in white but can exhibit colors like yellow and orange.

They typically bloom in the early part of spring. Their petals form a beautiful corona shaped like a trumpet at the center. Various types exist, including ‘Trumpet’, ‘Cyclamineus’, and ‘Jonquilla. ‘ Proper care for these plants ensures good drainage and considerable sunlight exposure while avoiding waterlogged conditions, often leading to bulb rot.

Growing narcisuss is a rewarding experience due to its fragrant presence, which adds charm to any garden or indoor setting.

Different Types of Narcissus Flowers

Let’s explore the world of Narcissus Flowers.

  • Narcissus flowers come from the Amaryllis family.
  • These flowers have many different types and varieties.
  • Each kind has unique looks and traits.
  • Sometimes, people get narcisuss flowers mixed up with daffodils and jonquils.
  • The daffodil is the most popular type of narcissus flower.
  • The Romans first brought these flowers to Britain long ago.

Growing and Caring for Narcissus Plants

Caring for Narcissus plants is not hard. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Pick a spot with bright light.
  • Make sure the soil is well -drained.
  • Narcissus bulbs should be placed in the soil about three times as deep as the bulb.
  • Water them right after you plant them.
  • Keep the plants watered during dry spells in fall and winter.
  • Trim off dead flowers, but let leaves die back naturally.
  • Give them some flower food in early spring.

Using December Birth Flowers in Floral Arrangements and Decorations

Discover captivating ways to incorporate December birth flowers in your festive decor and learn how Holly and Narcissus can uniquely charm DIY wreaths, table arrangements, garlands, and more.

Ideas for Holiday Displays

There are a lot of fun ways to use December birth flowers in festive holiday displays:

  • Use holly plants to design bright Christmas wreaths).
  • Create stylish centerpieces using holly and narcissus flowers.
  • Fill pretty vases with the fresh-cut Narcissus for a table display.
  • Adorn your home’s front door with a handmade holly garland.
  • Proudly hang sprigs of Holly around mirrors or picture frames.
  • Try tucking short stems of Narcissus into pine cone displays.
  • Combine holly schroths with red ribbon bows for an exquisite mantle display.
  • Hang dried clusters of Narcissus on your tree as pretty Christmas ornaments.

DIY Projects and Crafts

Let’s explore the magic of Holly and Narcissus in DIY projects and crafts. Both these December birth flowers can add a festive touch to your decor.

  • Make use of Holly to craft lovely wreaths for your front door. It adds goodwill and protection to your home).
  • Create garlands with sprigs of Holly. Their red berries pop out against the deep green leaves.
  • Grow narcissus plants at home for their bright flowers. These bring hope and rebirth during the cold days.
  • Take a few stems from your narcissus plant for an easy flower arrangement.
  • Use holly or narcissus flowers as cake decorations for holiday baking fun.
  • Try making candles with dried Holly or narcissus flowers inside them for gifts.
  • Decorate Christmas cards with printed images of Holly or Narcissus, adding personalization to greetings.
  • Give homemade soap a twist by adding petals from the December birth flowers.

Gifts and Celebrations Related to December Birth Flowers

Gifts and Celebrations Related To December Birth Flowers

Explore creative gift ideas inspired by December birth flowers, Holly and Narcissus. Learn about traditional celebrations and cultures involving these birth flowers. Discover how they can add a personal touch to birthday gifts or festive events for those born in December.

Gift Ideas Featuring Holly or Narcissus

Looking for gift ideas featuring Holly or Narcissus can be exciting. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Give holly plants as a sign of goodwill and protection.
  • Choose elegant jewelry that features narcissus flower designs, symbolizing purity, respect, and faithfulness.
  • Consider giving art prints or decor items with images of holly berries for a festive touch.
  • Lush narcissus flower bouquets make beautiful birthday gifts for December -born folks.
  • For craft lovers, try DIY kits for making ornaments with green holly leaves and red berries.
  • Fun gardening sets to grow their own narcissus plants make good gifts.
  • Thrill home cooks and food lovers with gourmet sauces or jams from bright red holly berries.
  • Offer decorative candles in the shapes of Holly and Narcissus to add a warm touch to homes during December birthdays.
  • Beautiful birth month charms depicting holly plants or narcissus flowers could be a hit.
  • Think about browsing floral patterned scarves, ties, or clothing accessories as another option.

Birth Month Celebrations and Traditions

Birthdays in December are special. They have their own flowers, like Holly and Narcissus. People give these birth flowers as gifts to show love. The red Holly brings warmth, while the white Narcissus stands for fresh starts.

In some places, it’s a custom to place these flowers around the house on someone’s birthday. This adds fun and color to the winter! Also, using December birth flowers in crafts is a loved tradition for holidays and birthdays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official birth flower for December?

The official birth flower for December is Holly. Holly’s dark green leaves fill people with joy and a sense of party fun. Yet, Holly is not really a flower. People also link the bright narcissus and poinsettia plants to those born in December.

The sweet-smelling narcisssus stands for purity and keeping things easy. The bold poinsettia plant symbolizes good luck and happy times during Christmas.

What is the flower color for December?

The flower color for December varies. Many link the month to the narcissus flower, known for its bright yellow and white hues. Holly also represents December. With its vibrant green leaves and red berries, it adds popular Christmas colors to this wintery month! But Holly isn’t really a flower.

Another plant linked with December birthdays is poinsettia. Poinsettias are usually seen in shades of red or green, perfect for winter celebrations!

Is the December birth flower narcissus or poinsettia?

Not one but two flowers mark the birth of those born in December. These are the Narcissus and poinsettia. The Narcissus flower has lots of simplicity, sweetness, and purity.

Some people also choose to use poinsettias as their birth flower for December because of its bright red color.

Each flower brings its own striking beauty to the month. They both have deep meaning, too. So, remember these two fantastic options next time you need a gift for someone special born this month!

What does the December birth flower symbolize?

December birth flowers hold deep meanings. Holly stands for goodwill and safety. It also means joy and cheer. Narcissus is a sign of hope and new life like winter going into spring.

Some people see it as pure, too. Very special signs are tied to these plants all through December!

December birth flowers make the world bright in winter. Both Holly and Narcissus tell stories of beauty and purity. They add joy to homes during holidays like Christmas. Choose these flowers for gifts, decor, or just for their sweet charm!

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