Bachelor’s Button

Bachelors Button Flower

If the Bachelor’s Button doesn’t ring a bell, its other names like cornflower, hurt sickle, bluebottle, or basketflower perhaps might do.

Blue Bachelor's Button Flower

However, these names are associated with the same flower – Bachelor Button. Of course, there is a story behind this name.

basket flower

Bachelors used to wear this flower when they loved someone and wanted to go out with them. If the flower bloomed, it meant that their love was being reciprocated.

Bluebottle Flower

Native to Europe and Asia, these plants were introduced by European settlers to North America in the 17th century and are now cultivated around the world.


The plant itself is quite large, reaching up to 35 inches[1], and can sometimes be seen adorning grassy alleys and medians. These flowers are usually blue, but you’ll also see colors like pink, lavender, white, and even black.

Hurt Sickle Flower

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