Angelonia (or summer snapdragon) is new to many arboretum shelves and a fantastic addition to any garden for continuous color. As a hardy perennial, Angelonia easily defies the humidity and heat of summer, making it a colorful and hearty addition to any garden.

Angelonia Flowers

Angelonia angustifolia is native to the West Indies and Mexico. Angelonia is a semi-tropical plant that is mainly considered an annual plant.

Angelonia Angustifolia

Angelonia angustifolia is a species in the genus Angelonia containing approximately 33 to 35 species[1] and belongs to the Plantaginaceae (Plantain) family.

Angelonia Flower

Angelonia is an erect, bare, slightly bushy perennial known for its small, snapdragon-like blooms. Typically, the plants reach a height of 12 to 18 inches.

Summer Snapdragon

The stems are covered with narrow, elongated, lance-shaped green leaves (up to 3 inches long) with serrated edges. The blue-purple flowers (up to 3/4 inch wide each) bloom on narrow terminal spikes (up to 8 inches long) from late spring to early fall. Varieties are available in light pink, blue, white, and two-tone flower colors.

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