The pretty amaryllis flower, often given away at Christmas, is often seen as a sign of festive joy. While this is true, this flower has many other meanings as well. With proper care, Amaryllis can live up to 75 years!

Amaryllis Flower

Hailing from the coast of South Africa, this charming tender perennial plant is steeped in history and has many enchanting stories to tell. The Amaryllis flower is available in various shades, including purple, orange, white, yellow, and red.

Amaryllis Trumpet Flower

And each of these colors has messages that they convey when gifted to people. Each Amaryllis plant usually has 6 to 10 inches of trumpet-shaped flowers[1] on 1 to 2 stems.

Amaryllis Flower Growing

The Amaryllis flower has a hollow, erect stem that can reach a height of around 18 to 36 inches. Typically, the stem is green with a purple tinge.

Amaryllis flowers are an awe-inspiring centerpiece in the winter months, loved for their solid and colorful blooms.

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