Achillea is a legendary herb and a treasured part of any arid landscape due to its popularity with pollinators. This wildflower may have originated in Europe, but today it has spread widely.

Commonly known as yarrow, Achillea is a genus of over 100 flowering plants in the Asteraceae family.

Achillea Flower

These hardy, aromatic perennials are widely known for their pinnate, fern, and greenish-gray foliage and their flattened flower clusters of various colors. Usually, this plant grows between 1 to 3 feet (30 and 90 cm) tall.

Yarrow originally only grew in yellow and white varieties. Still, the careful cultivation of the plants resulted in a much wider range of colors.

Yarrow Flower

As a result, Achillea is now available in magenta, pink, gold, red, and salmon colors.

In addition, all Achillea varieties have a specific scent. Some have a sweet scent, while others have a greener, medicinal, floral scent. Thus, adding Achillea to a landscape not only attracts pollinators but also adds subtle symbolism.

Types of Flowers

Types of Flowers

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