Read testimonials (covering over 13 different types of Cancer)from Cancer patients using Poly MVA, a non-toxic Cancer Specific Chemotherapy. List of Doctors recommending Poly MVA to patients. Info. on Dr. Garnett and his 40 years of research. Scientific Data performed by Independent Lab, Animal Studies, Clinical Studies, etc…

    rECOrd – Biodiversity Information System

    rECOrd – The Biodiversity Information System for Cheshire, Halton, Warrington and the Wirral. A Local Record Centre for the North West of England dealing with records/sightings of all organisms.

    Scandinavian Cryobank

    Scandinavian Cryobank is an American sperm bank based in Seattle that specializes in worldwide delivery of cryopreserved semen from Scandinavian donors.

    Site of a department of the nature of the specialized landscape and archeologic Center

    Steppes of Southern Ural and Zauralye, fauna, ecology, unique landscapes. The information on work of the Ural-Kazakhstan Steppe expedition. In Russian

    Tata Energy Research Institute(TERI)

    Tata Energy Research Institute(TERI) is a non-profit, scientific and policy research organization, working in India and globally in the fields of energy, environment and a whole range of sustainable development issues.

    The BioDOM Project

    The BioDOM project examines ways to represent biological data using XML and the DOM object API.

    The Science Advisory Board

    The Science Advisory Board is a worldwide panel of scientific and medical experts that convenes electronically through the Internet. Board members voice opinions on a variety of topics related to new technologies used in research and clinical applications. Since 1997, manufacturers of research products, lab equipment, medical devices and pharmaceuticals have relied on the Board’s more than 12,600 members for insights into how their products can be better designed to meet the needs of end-users.

    Visiting Nurse Service of New York

    The Visiting Nurse Service of New York is the leading provider of home health care and community-based services in the New York City metropolitan region and in Nassau County on Long Island. Since 1893, we have been committed to meeting the highest standards of quality and services for our patients.

    Women.s Dermatologic Society

    The WDS, Women.s Dermatologic Society has a mission to help all women in dermatology achieve their highest personal and professional potential. The WDS fosters, promotes and supports women.s issues in dermatology.