British Agrochemicals Association

    The British Agrochemicals Association is the United Kingdom trade body representing companies involved in the manufacture, formulation and distribution of crop protection products.

    Cheshire Wildlife Trust

    Cheshire Wildlife Trust with all its dealings in ecological survey work, habitat and site conservation and management and involvement in biodiversity action planning and species conservation.

    CropLife America

    CropLife America’s mission is to foster the interests of the general public and CropLife America member companies by promoting innovation and the environmentally sound manufacture, distribution and use of crop protection and production technologies for safe, high-quality, affordable and abundant food, fiber and other crops.

    Echo of Chernobyl Foundation

    A site about the charitable fund in Kishinev named Echo of Chernobyl.The information on the failure of the Chernobyl Nuclear station, the ecological conditions in Moldova. The proceedings, statistics, rare photos. It is possible to find out here how you can help children that have suffered after this accident.

    European Molecular Biology Laboratory – EMBL

    The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) was established in 1974 and is supported by 14 European countries and Israel. EMBL consists of a main Laboratory in Heidelberg (Germany) and three Outstations in Hamburg (Germany), Grenoble (France) and Hinxton (Great Britain). As an institute with excellent facilities, EMBL prides itself on its intellectually open and challenging atmosphere, which encourages innovation and collaboration

    Specializing in microarray analysis, bioinformatics, and expression gene profiling service.

    Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemistry and Molecular Biologists

    The Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemistry and Molecular Biologists (FAOBMB) is one of four regional associations of the International Union Of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB).

    Foundation for Innovative Therapies

    The Foundation for Innovative Therapies is a non-profit organization formed to conduct clinical research on promising new medical therapies. Our particular interest is in promoting novel approaches to therapeutic intervention in a broad range of medical problems, including: infections, nutrition, genetic diseases, and tissue engineering.

    Global Egg Donation Resource

    Global Egg Donation Resource has a goal to provide the most accurate and honest information possible to those seeking egg donation treatment as well as establishing a GLOBAL collaboration of all professionals working in this field. We have no interest in competition but only in team work.We have organised a 1st International Egg Donation Conference wich will be held in London 7-10th February 2003. which will be an annual event.