Order Metteniusales / White Pear Blossoms

    Order Metteniusales

    Metteniusales are trees, shrubs, or lianas with chiefly tropical distribution. Plants of Matteniusales have simple, alternate, and exstipulateWhat is exstipulate?Without stipules; Stipule is a small structure of appendage found at the base of some leaf petioles. leaves, bisexual and actinomorphicWhat is actinomorphic?A characteristic of the flower exhibiting radial symmetry such as starfish or Daisy flower; capable of being bisected into identical halves along more than one axis, forming mirror images. Opposite is Zygomorphic. flowers, 5 sepals, 5 petals, and 5 stamens. The white pear, cachichín[1], and umari are some of the plants that belong to the Metteniusales order

    Metteniusales Families

    Palo De Rosa Flowers

    Metteniusales is an order of flowering plants with only 1 family, 11 genera, and 55 species. Metteniusaceae is the only family of Metteniusales. The family Metteniusaceae was just placed within the lamiids.

    Metteniusales Distribution

    White Pear Flower

    The species of the Metteniusaceae are chiefly tropical. The members are found in the tropical regions of the Old World, Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. There are also plants distributed in tropical South America.

    Metteniusales Characteristics

    Metteniusales Flowers and Reproduction

    The flowers of Metteniusaceae[2] are actinomorphic, bisexual, and pentamerousWhat is pentamerous?Having parts in fives or multiples of five..

    Metteniusales Example Species

    White Pear Flowers

    • White pear – The white pear tree produces good quality timber used for wagon and cabinet making.
    • Cachichín – The fruit is edible. The locals collect, boil, and sell the roasted fruit. The seed is also edible. However, it has a bitter taste.
    • Palo de rosa- Palo de rosa produced beautiful rosewood to make luxury furniture. Unfortunately, this tree is now endangered because of overharvesting and continuous habitat loss.
    • Pittosporopsis kerrii – The seeds are edible. It is also used in traditional medicine.
    • Platea excelsa – The wood is used locally for construction.
    • Umari – The fruit of the Umari is consumed as food. The wood is used for carpentry. The tree is also cultivated for garden use.
    • Poraqueiba paraensis – The tree is cultivated in the home gardens. The fruit is edible (either raw or cooked).
    • Rhaphiostylis beninensis – The R. beninensis has medicinal value. Its roots have anti-inflammatory constituents. The leaf and the stem parts are also medicinal.
    • Rhaphiostylis ferruginea
    • Ottoschulzia pallid

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