Molecular Biology

    Quick Guide for PCR

    Alkami Biosystems Quick Guide for PCR Vol.I (PDF format).

    Random primer labeling of polyA+ RNA

    Protocols of experiments on the site Practical Molecular Biology.

    RNA extraction

    Extraction of RNA with CTAB and Macaloid/

    Schimenti Lab Technical Protocols

    Schimenti Lab Technical Protocols includes, DNA and RNA techniques and mouse genotyping methods.

    Sequencing protocol

    Sequencing protocol for BigDye on ABI 377.

    Universal gel extraction & dialysis tool for Protein, Rna, Nucleic Acid, Oligo,

    GeBAflex-tube Gel extraction & dialysis tools for Biological R&D laboratories.Cloning kit & cloning servicesSeeBAND Staining solution.

    Yeast Transformation Protocols & Information

    The Gietz Lab Yeast Transformation Home Page.