Molecular Biology

    Molecular biology is the study of biology which deals with the molecular basis of biological activity. This branch of study tightly overlaps with other areas of biology and chemistry especially genetics and biochemistry.

    Brendan Babb’s Collection of Protocols and Recipes

    This is a comprehensive collection of bacterial, protein, and molecular biology techniques, recipes, and protocols. In addition to the large collection of bacterial methods, DNA and RNA protocols, protein and PCR techniques, this site hosts avery useful set of recipes for general and specific laboratory solutions and buffers. These are arranged in alphabetical order from acrylamide to zinc sulfate.

    Molecular Biology Protocols

    A HUGE list of laboratory protocols. Very useful.

    Molecular Biology Protocols

    DNA Purification Techniques, DNA Transformation/Library Preparation, Southern/Northern Blotting, DNA Sequencing, Oligonucleotides, PCR and Related Methods, RNA Methods, Protein Electrophoresis, Protein Purification, Autoradiography Tips,

    Comprehensive Protocol Collection

    This resource attempts to offer a comprehensive collection of molecular biology and Nematode-related protocols. The site links to protocols either maintained directly by the Ambros Lab or at other locations around the world.

    Concentration of DNA by ethanol precipitation

    Typically, 2.5 – 3 volumes of an ethanol/acetate solution is added to the DNA sample in a microcentrifuge tube, which is placed in an ice-water bath for at least 10 minutes. Frequently, this precipitation is performed by incubation at -20C overnight.

    David Bowtell Lab manual

    List of molecular biology techniques from the Melbourne Signal Transduction Group

    Detection of Nucleic Acids by Hybridisation

    Nucleic acid hybridisation on membrane filters is a simple, sensitive, and specific means of detecting nucleic acid sequences of interest.

    DNA Extraction from Bacteria

    Preparation of genomic DNA from bacteria Modified from Experimental Techniques in Bacterial Genetics, Jones and Bartlet, 1990)

    DNA Sequencing Lab Protocols

    This site includes: M13 Library Construction from Cosmids, M13 Library Construction from BAC’s or P1’s, P1/BAC Isolation, DNA Purification Methods, DNA Sequencing Methods.

    gDNA extraction

    Several protocols on gDNA extraction.