Molecular Biology

    Green Fluorescent Protein Applications

    GFP Applications Page designed by Wallace Marshall, Yale University.

    Holmgren Lab Protocols

    Contains many molecular biology protocols as well as some Drosophila protocols. Protocols are downloadable Word files.

    Molecular Biological Server

    Data bases, systems, and programs on molecular biology and genetics.

    OGMP – Molecular Biology Methods

    The following methods have been optimized and tested by the Molecular Biology Division of the Sequencing Unit over a period of several years: Construction of Organellar DNA Libraries, Preparation of Single-stranded DNA, Preparation of Plasmid DNA, DNA Sequencing Strategy, Sequencing Gel and Electrophoresis, Sequence Analysis.


    Provides an explanation of the technique, a list of PCR reference books, and advice on selecting primers for use in the process.


    This is dealt with under the following subheadings: PCR primer design and reaction optimisation, standard PCR protocol, reverse transcription PCR: RNA -> lots of DNA, core sample PCR, calculating concentrations for PCR.

    PCR and multiplex PCR: guide and troubleshooting

    PCR guide: a discussion of the main parameters influencing the outcome of the PCR and multiplex PCR reaction in 16 pages/sections and using over 45 pictures. PCR troubleshooting: some commonly asked questions and likely solutions.

    A web guide of Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique.

    Phenol extraction of DNA samples

    Phenol extraction is a common technique used to purify a DNA sample. Typically, an equal volume of TE-saturated phenol is added to an aqueous DNA sample in a microcentrifuge tube. The mixture is vigorously vortexed, and then centrifuged to enact phase separation.

    Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Jump Station

    The ultimate Web page for information and links on all aspects of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).