Molecular Biology

    Practical Molecular Biology
    Area for people related to biology and molecular biology. The site is predominantly on Russian. Here, we translated only the pages, for which we did not find English analogues.Protocols, reviews, reference book, labour exchange. Link

    [email protected]
    RNAi resources using selected links or top search and clustering engines. Link

    Scientific American: Ask the Experts: Prions
    What is a prion? Specifically, what is known about the molecular structure of prions and how they cause infections such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease? Link

    The Future of Life Conference 2003
    The Future of Life Conference 2003, a forum on biotechnology, genetics, cloning, life, biotech, dna, human genome, science, medicine, genes. Link

    The RNAi Web
    Resource center for RNA interference, including background, tips on siRNA design and web resources. Link

    Tim’s molecular, structural and computational biology pages
    These pages contain links to the latest abstracts on PubMed from Natur and Science for easy access. Also have 3D annotated chime structures of Rhodopsin, FGF Receptor and the Ribosome that can be viewed and manipulated. Also have useful categorised links for easy access to PubMed and several other bioinformatics tools. Also have notes for courses that I took at UCL in London such as Advanced Molecular Biology, Cell Signalling and Protein Structure. Link

    yfleung’s functional genomics home
    A resources for functional genomics, microarray, bioinformatics, proteomics and complex disease trait mapping. Link

    Yi Xing’s alternative splicing blog
    This is a blog committed to discussing latest development in the genomics and bioinformatics studies of RNA alternative splicing. Link


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