Wilhelm Krause

Wilhelm Krause

Biography of Wilhelm Krause

Wilhelm Krause Anatomist
Wilhelm Krause Anatomist

Full Name: Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Krause
Born: Jul-12-1833
Died: Feb-04-1910
Birth Place: Hanover, Germany. He was the son of famous anatomist Karl Friedrich Theodor Krause.

Contributions of Wilhelm Krause in Anatomy

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    Krause's corpuscles

    Krause was the first anatomist to discover mechanorceptors in skin (definition: any of the sense organs that respond to vibration, stretching, pressure, or other mechanical stimuli). These receptors were named after Krause as Krause’s corpuscles (check-out the animated explanation) and also referred as Krause’s end-bulbs.  More references can be found here: The Erogenous Zones:Their Nerve Supply and Significance

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    Krause's Membranes & Krause Respiratory Bundle

    Two other terminologies came to existence after Krause discovery namely:

    • Krause’s Membranes: It is defined as isotropic bands in striated muscle fiber that consist of disks of sarcoplasm and connect the individual fibrils. Read more here.
    • Krause Respiratory Bundle: A fiber bundle that is also known as the “Solitary Tract”, sometimes referred as “Gierke respiratory bundle”, coined in honor of anatomist Hans Paul Bernhard Gierke.
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    Krause as a professor

    Krause had also stamped his impressions in the field of embryology. One of his disciples named Robert Koch studied at Göttingen became famous bacteriologist later.

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