Puerto Rican Euphonia

Puerto Rican Euphonia

AnimaliaPasseriformesFringillidaeChlorophoniaChlorophonia sclateri

The brilliant golden-throated Puerto Rican Euphonia (Chlorophonia sclateri) is a small arboreal finch endemic to its namesake Caribbean Island.

Puerto Rican Euphonia
IUCN Status: Least-Concern
  • Common Name(s): Puerto Rican Euphonia
  • Family: Fringillidae
  • Body Dimensions: 10 cm
  • Male Plumage Color(s): Blue Helmet, Yellow Underparts Including The Throat, and A Dark Mask
  • Female Plumage Color(s): Olive-Green With A Less Vibrant Blue Helmet and A Small Yellowish Forehead Patch
  • Habitat: Subtropical forests
  • Diet: Fruit, Arthropods
  • Native Countries: Puerto Rico
  • Continent(s): North America
  • Taxonomy Classification Year: 1854
  • Taxonomist(s): Philip Lutley Sclater

Puerto Rican Euphonia Fun Facts

Puerto Rican Euphonia F

  • Formerly considered a subspecies of the Hispaniolan Euphonia found on the neighboring island of Hispaniola, the melodic Puerto Rican Euphonia merits recognition as a full species restricted to Puerto Rico’s subtropical forests.
  • Little documented on the natural history of the Puerto Rican Euphonia, this small finch likely feeds on various forest fruits to supplement its primary diet of nectar and minute arthropods gleaned while hopping among branches.

This species’ melodious warbling song surely broadcasts its energetic presence even from mid-forest heights.

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