Birds of Africa

Birds of Africa

Birds of Africa: Home to over 2,000 bird species, the African continent boasts some of the most spectacular avian diversity on Earth. From tiny sunbirds to massive ostrich, dazzling birds occupy every habitat across Africa’s vast landscapes. This article offers a sweeping overview to the remarkable ornithological richness found throughout this region.

We explore major habitat types ranging from the world’s largest desert, the Sahara, to expansive tropical rainforests, woodlands and savannas which comprise the majority of Sub-Saharan Africa, seabirds along island archipelagos to endemic montane species in isolated highlands. Abundant birdlife fills Africa’s lakes, rivers and coastlines as well. We spotlight distinctive endemic families showcasing Africa’s fabulous contributions to global bird diversity.

Meet behemoths like the outsized shoebill and heaviest flying bird, Kori bustard, along with colorful turacos and mesmerizing sunbirds gathering nectar. Learn identification tips for challenging groups like weavers, lovebirds and hornbills – some boasting spectacular casques atop their bills.

Whether trekking amid throngs of dazzling queleas or scanning for secretive nightjars, prepare to be amazed by Africa’s spectacular avifauna. From ostriches to vultures, get acquainted with the birds characterizing this wildlife haven.

Birds of Africa

African Penguin

Species Name: Spheniscus demersus
The African penguin is a medium-sized penguin that is believed to be the first species of penguin that was ever discovered. Learn African penguin facts, anatomy, habitat, diet, predators, life-span, sound call, and more.

Crowned Eagle

Species Name: Stephanoaetus coronatus
The Crowned Eagle (Stephanoaetus coronatus) is Africa's most powerful raptor. Delve into what makes this impressive eagle a skilled hunter, its unique breeding behaviors, critical conservation status, and why protecting this declining keystone forest predator matters.

Pied Crow

Species Name: Corvus albus
Pied crows (Corvus albus) are widely distributed African birds. They are highly intelligent and opportunistic and share the jackdaw's fascination with shiny objects. Explore their characteristics and what do pied crows eat, and other fun facts.

Red-billed Oxpecker

Species Name: Buphagus erythrorynchus
The red-billed oxpecker is a passerine bird found in the savannah of sub-Saharan Africa. These black birds assist grazers in getting rid of parasites but also expose wounds to infection. Explore their characteristics and fun facts here.

Senegal Parrot

Species Name: Poicephalus senegalus
Learn all about the vibrant, social Senegal parrot (Poicephalus senegalus), a popular West African parrot species that thrives in captivity when well-trained. Get information on taxonomy, physical features, reproduction, behavior, communication style, and fun facts.


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