Uakaris Monkeys

Neblina Uakari

Species Name: Cacajao hosomi
The Neblina uakari (Cacajao hosomi), black-headed uakari, is a recently described monkey species from the extreme northwest of the Brazilian Amazon and adjacent southern Venezuela. Neblina uakari's English name refers to the Pico da Neblina, which marks its known distribution approximate center.

Bald Uakari

Species Name: Cacajao calvus
The obscure Bald Uakari (Cacajao Calvus) is an acrobatic Amazonian monkey with a flaming red face uniquely adapted to periodically flooded forests. Surprising insights on its taxonomy, specialized seed-based diet, unusual social life, habitat flexibility, and urgent need to conserve diminishing flooded forest habitat across the Amazon Basin.

Aracá Uakari

Species Name: Cacajao ayresi
The Aracá uakari, also called the Ayres black uakari, is a newly described monkey species endemic to the northwestern Brazilian Amazon. The species was found by Jean-Philippe Boubli of the University of Auckland after following local Yanomamo Indians on their hunts along the Aracá River, a northern tributary of the Negro River.

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