Types of Owls

Types of Owls

Types of Owls: Owls are extraordinary birds of prey that thrive at night meaning they are nocturnal. There are 244 known species of owls and 22 of them live in North America!

Most of them have an enormous head, very good vision, excellent hearing, feathers aerodynamically adapted for silent flying, and sharp talons. All owl species are in the order “Strigiformes” and they are divided into 2 different families namely Strigidae and Tytonidae. The first family mentioned consists of true owls and the latter consists of barn owls.

The true owls have round faces and the barn owls have heart-shaped faces. There are 224 species in Strigidae, and 20 species in Tytonidae. Owls can be found in any continent except for Antarctica because it is too cold for them. No species of owls can digest bones, hair, or teeth so they regurgitate that part of their prey in the form of pellets.

Let explore the wonderful world of owls:


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