Biological Search Engines

    biological search engines


    MRS is an online search engine for biological and medical databanks. Use it to search well over a terabyte of indexed text. The MRS server allows for very rapid queries in a large number of flat-file data banks, such as EMBL, UniProt, OMIM, dbEST, PDB, KEGG, etc. This server combines a fast and reliable backend with a very user-friendly implementation of all the commonly used information retrieval facilities. Link


    ACNUC is a database structure and retrieval software for use with either the GenBank or EMBL nucleic acid sequence data collections (HOVERGEN, HOGENOM, HOMPOLENS, PhEVER, HAPMAP). The nucleotide and textual data furnished by both collections are each restructured into a database that allows sequence retrieval on a multi-criterion basis. Link


    Biological search engine. Link

    Genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics, microarray, and related information. Link

    ALL Species ToolKit

    The species search engine, the first phase of the All Species Toolkit Project, was just completed. It currently has more than 1 million entries, with each name linked to the databases which contain information about that specific species. Link

    Bioinformatics Link Directory

    The Bioinformatics Links Directory features curated links to molecular resources, tools, and databases. Link

    Web directory for bioinformatics. Link

    A search engine for scientists. You will find fast and direct hotlinks to scientific journals, companies (biotechnological, pharmaceutical and products), Medline Resources, Associations & Societies, publishers, meetings guide, software resources, national organizations, and career opportunities. We also have established a protocol and a billboard to complete the webpage. It is an ultimate webpage for the research scientist. Link


    Resource collection for molecular biology and biomedicine. Medline and database access, methods and protocols, the largest link collection for C.elegans and Yeast Two-Hybrid System related pages. Link


    The Pasteur Institute’s BioNetbook is a searchable directory of Web pages for Biology. Link


    A portal site for receptor-related biology. Link Web directory

    Biomedical research Web directory includes thousands of links to biomedical research related to websites. Link


    BiotechEast operates the most comprehensive English language biotech website covering Taiwan. With a focus on Taiwan.s growing life science sector, BiotechEast is a marketing and info-research company offering international biotech companies, institutes, and investors the resources and services they need to find opportunities in Taiwan. Link


    The BioToolKit, an annotated directory of 1007 links to online molecular biology resources, includes basic research tools and advanced applications for genome, transcriptome, and proteome data retrieval, analysis, and visualization. Link


    Bio-World is a semi-automated collection of categorized resources (websites) in the field of BioInformatics and Molecular Biology. Bio-World visits all the sites on a regular basis to check whether they are still active and if any information has changed. Bio-World can be browsed by category, or it can be searched via keywords. Link – Lab Troubleshooting Resources collects lab bench work related protocols, methods, and reagents, discussions in molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, immunology, neuroscience, animal model, pharmacology and toxicology, cytometry and biotechnology. Link


    A collection of useful links to bio-informatics URLs, notably web resources for physical and genetic mapping, gene structure prediction and mutation analysis, protein classification and 3D structure prediction, protein sequence motif search, homology search, etc. Link

    eBioinfogen : A Biological Web Resources Navigator

    Bioinformatics Portal. Link

    ExPASy: BioHunt

    Search the internet for molecular biology information with BioHunt. Link


    MolBiol.Net is the Portal for Molecular Biology links on the Net featuring a dynamic suggestions form which allows users to inform the webmaster of what links to which bioinformatics tools and databases they would prefer to have added to the site. MolBiol.Net is a NOT FOR PROFIT site which is run by a post-doc molecular biologist at the University of Oxford. Can be used as a useful homepage for labs who do not want to purchase or locally install sequence manipulation software. Link

    Molecular Biology Search Engines

    This search will list Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Search Engines. Link

    Physico-Chemical Biology Selected Scientific Journals

    Collection of links to selected scientific journals and free resources in life science, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, cytology, genetics, cancer, cell, molecular biology, microbiology, neuroscience, pharmacology, physiology, plant science, toxicology, virology, medicine, bioinformatics, computation, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and education. Link


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