Tassel Flower

The Tassel flower is a small, intriguing plant on the front edge, producing tiny scarlet-orange pompoms that appear to float in mid-air when viewed from a distance.

Tassel Flowers

The flowers stand on stiff stems that rise from a basal rosette of bluish-green leaves. Plants sometimes grow on their own if placed in a good location. Also known as Cupid’s shaving brush or Emilia, the tassel flower is a genus of over 100 species[1] in the Asteraceae family found primarily in the tropics of the Old World.

Cupid's Shaving Brush

Tassel flower has bright acorn-shaped flowers that appear on their thin stems in early fall and summer. The flowers are available in orange, red, and purple shades. They are ideal for fresh-cut flower arrangements and container gardens.

Tassel Flower Pink

Its airy and delicate nature is best shown with showy or eye-catching leafy plants in the background that create a transparent effect. These tropical annuals can withstand high humidity and temperatures.

Tassel Flower Red

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