Tares (Lolium temulentum), commonly known as Darnel, cockle, Darnel ryegrass, or Poison Darnel, is an annual flowering plant of the genus Lolium Poaceae family.

Tares Flowers

The Lolium genus consists of 9 species[1] representing both inbred and outbred species. Tares are considered a poisonous weed in several locations.

Darnel Ryegrass

Lolium temulentum is an annual weed native to North Africa, Europe, and Southern and Southwest Asia. The stem of the plant can be up to 1 meter high.

Lolium Temulentum

The flower is a large panicle. The panicles are erect and light, and when ripe, they are black. This hairless annual herb has glossy dark green leaves on one side and a thin seed head with puffy seeds that are broader than the stem. It looks a lot like annual ryegrass.

Tares are 18 inches tall. The flowers bloom from June to August.

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