Fuji Mums

Accent your home garden with the stunning beauty of Fuji Mums (spider chrysanthemums). Also known as spider mums, Fuji Mums bring a unique flower shape to the garden. Like many other garden mums, Fuji Mums also last 14-21 days in flower bouquets.

Fuji Mums Flower

They are therefore an ideal addition to a flower garden. The plant is native to Japan and China, where it has become an important symbol in the cultures of both countries. There are 40 wild species and thousands of cultivars[1] of chrysanthemums in the Asteraceae (aster) family.

Spider Chrysanthemums

A traditional chrysanthemum has a typical Daisy shape with petals (known as florets botanically) arranged in coaxial circles.

White Fuji Mums Flower

In Fuji Mums, the petals are tubular and elongated. Sometimes the petals are curved or hooked at the tips. Because they are so long, the petals hang freely from the flower and look like spider legs.

Yellow Fuji Mums Flower

Some Fuji Mums have thin, wiry petals; in other species, the petals are thicker. Fuji Mums come in various shades, including lavender, white, pink, gold, and orange.

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