Also known as Gold bloom, Bull’s Eyes, Holligold, and the pot of Marigold, Calendula is a radiant face among flower spirits that bloom all Summer. It is popularly named after the bride of the Summer because this plant’s head turns when the sun wanders across the sky.

Calendula Flower

Calendula plant is a genus of around 15 species[1] in the Asteraceae family native to the Mediterranean, Central Europe, and Asia. Marigold is admired by gardeners for its cheerful, daisy-like flowers in yellow and bright orange.

Bright Orange Calendula Flower

The flowers can be single or double and consist of tiny discs and radial florets. The simple leaves are alternately on glandular, smooth, or waxy stems. Depending on the variety and the nature of the soil, the plant can reach a height of 30 to 60 cm.

Calendula Flowers

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