Caladium, with its heart-shaped leaves in different colors of white, pink, and red, are affectionately known as Angel Wings and Heart of Jesus.

Caladium Flower

These lovely tropical foliage plants grow from tubers native to South America’s Amazon Basin. There are more than 1000 varieties[1] with color variations used in horticulture and container horticulture throughout the Summer.

Wild Caladium Flowers

The decorative heart or arrow-shaped leaves are fragile and have a paper structure. Some eye-catching color mixes are impressive, like Lord Derby with pink and green leaves and Candidum with white leaves with distinctive green veins.

The Caladium can reach up to 35 inches (about 40-90 cm) tall. Its leaves are pretty broad and can typically grow up to 18 inches in length. The Caladium plant is best placed in a container or planter and is a great plant to grow on the edges of the garden.

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