Burdock Flowers

Burdock (Arctium minus) is the common name for one of the thistles that make up the Arctium genus in the Asteraceae plant family.

Burdock Flower

It is characterized by spherical, usually pink or purple, buds surrounded by thorny bracts and rounded, burr-shaped fruits with many seeds. Burdock is indigenous to the Old World (Asia and Europe).

Arctium Minus

There are around ten species[1] of this plant in the world. plants of the Arctium genus are generally biennial or perennial plants. The stalks are upright and have deep green leaves that are usually large, thick, and oval.

Burdock Flowers

Members of this genus can have leaves up to 45 cm long. The thin, edible root has rust-brown skin and gray-white flesh.

Pink Burdock Flower

The compound inflorescence is sometimes purple or pink and is surrounded by thorny bracts. Burdock usually blooms from July to October.

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