Broomrape, commonly called Orobanche, is a genus of more than 200 species[1] of herbaceous plants native to the temperate northern hemisphere of the Mediterranean, Asia, as well as Eastern and Central Europe.

Broomrape Flowers

It is the typical genus of the Orobanchaceae family. Broomrapes are usually small, measuring only 10 to 60 centimeters (4 to 24 inches) depending on the species.

Broomrape Flowers

These plants are best known by their straw-yellow stems, which are completely free of chlorophyll and have blue, white, or yellow dragon-like flowers.


The flower buds are scaly, with a thick terminal tip of 10 to 20 flowers in most species. The leaves are simply triangular scales. These plants usually bloom from late spring to late winter.

Orobanche Flowers

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