Bird of Paradise

Bird Of Paradise

Native to Southern Africa and now a well-known flower in tropical regions worldwide, the Bird of Paradise is linked with many beneficial qualities and specific spiritual meanings.

Bird Of Paradise Flower

The Bird of Paradise is also known as a crane flower because it looks like a graceful bird with a long neck. There are about 5 different species[1] of this plant. Its brightly colored flowers and long stem look like a bird with a tuft of brightly colored flowers and a pointed beak on its head.

Bird Of Paradise Flowers

These flowers grow in clusters that look like a flock of feisty tropical birds ready to fly. Bird of Paradise species can grow up to 20 feet because their unusual flowers dominate other flowers.

Orange Bird Of Paradise Flower

The magical plant is well-known for its contrasting and unique color combinations. Still, the flower comes in 3 primary dominant colors: white, yellow, and orange.

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