Bells Of Irela

Despite their namesake, these majestic bell-shaped greens are native to the Turkey, Syria, and Caucasus regions. So you might ask, why the Bells of Ireland?

Bell Shaped Flow

All thanks to their bell shape and the vibrant green color that gives them their well-known Celtic signature. It is a flower that belongs to a strange genus containing only four species[1] of branching and erect plants.

Fresh bells of Ireland

They have a scent that many people cannot really describe. The thing about the Bells of Ireland is that they can get so tall. The Bells of Ireland are about 3 feet tall, making them very easy to highlight and spot.

Bells of Ireland Flowers

Most of the leaves are green, which will help you determine that these are the Bells of Ireland. While the flowers of the plant are considered by many to be the beautiful green leaves of the flower, the flowers are located in the middle of the bell-shaped calyxes that act like the plant’s leaves.

The white flowers are surrounded by green, shell-shaped calyxes. These fresh bells beautifully contrast with flowers of all colors, adding drama and depth to any flower arrangement. They look beautiful when paired with soft white pastel shades like blue, yellow, peach, or pink.

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