If you find a dicotyledonous plant with holly-like evergreen leaves and flower parts in multiples of three, it is possibly one of the Barberry family. It has a decorative structure and is cultivated in European countries.

Barberry Flower

Also, it is found in North Africa and parts of Asia. Often known as Holly Thorn, this plant is thought to be part of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ.

Barberry Blooms

Worldwide, there are approximately 570 species[1] and 15 genera in the Barberry family. The yellow flowers cluster and ripen into sour purple berries. Members of this flowering plant family may have two or three small bracts disguised as sepals on the back of a flower.

Barberry Flowers

Still, there are usually six petals and six true sepals, sometimes appearing in rows of three. The ovary is placed on the apex of a flower. It comprises two to three united carpels (syncarps), which form a single chamber.

Holly Thorn Flower

It can be 3-6 feet tall and 4-7 feet wide, depending on the variety. In Summer, the leaves are bright green and turn reddish-purple, scarlet, and orange in fall.

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